Studying Abroad, Perceiving the World and Expanding Global Vision---2019 Overseas Summer Study of JUFE Students


During the summer of 2019, our university joined hands with overseas cooperative stitutions to organize overseas study projects in regions such as the United States, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, Thailand, Hongkong and others. In order to further expand our education to the outside world, cultivate our students' global vision and international competitiveness and strengthen mutual exchanges with other countries. Over 200 students from JUFE participated in this event. Upon completion, they gained a deeper understanding of professional knowledge, intercultural communication and international awareness. They all demonstrated the elegant demeanor of our excellent students.

  Sixteen law academy students participated in the twenty days study group in St. Mary's University. The students studied American Legal Retrieval, document writing, tort law, contract law, labor employment law, intellectual property law and others. They attended court trialsin in the federal court, visited the relevant law firms, the Supreme Court, the State Capitol in Texas, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and so on. In-depth exchanges and discussions were made with American professors, students and legal practitioners. In the end of it, the students have gained a better understanding of the American judicial system, its origin and development, the advantages and disadvantages. They also expanded their knowledge on the political, legal, economic, military and cultural aspects of the United States.

  Forty-four students from different departments including FRM, finance, insurance and financial engineering participated in the study of Hongkong multinational group. They visited multinational enterprises such as Prudential, AIA, Fortis, BOC and LIFE. Through teamwork, they completed the simulation operation, case analysis of insurance marketing promotion, financial planning configuration, investment advantages and disadvantages analysis and risk management. Further more, they comprehended the operation model of multinational enterprises, by effectively converted their learning into practice. They have improved their practical ability and professional accomplishment, broadened their horizons, and grasped the purpose learning.

  Hong Kong Education University’s Public Policy summer camp lasted for a week. Eleven of our students participated in the 48 hour public policy analysis competition. From this activity, the students gained a deeper understanding of public policy, and by using the public policy analysis tools they are now aware of similarities and differences between the political system of Hong Kong and other regions including mainland. This activity enhanced the students' ability of multi-dimensional thinking and the application of professional knowledge, also enabled students to have a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of HongKong's economic, social and political systems. Our students won the first, second and third positions during the final challenge, demonstrated the professionalism and outstanding abilities that our students possess.

  Coventry University study group is a research project, which is based on academic, enterprises visit and cultural experience. Ten of our students passed the selection process and successfully completed the twenty-one day study task. During the project, the students participated in carefully arranged professional courses and academic lectures. Upon completion they improved their level of oral English, experienced the campus atmosphere and learning style of the British higher education institutions. Through the cultural tours the students get to experience British life, beautiful scenery and the splendid culture of Britain.

  In addition to the mentioned study groups, there were also others, such as McMaster University study group, the AIA internship program in Singapore, London School of Political Economy summer academic project, the IBEP project and the University of Cambridge summer academic course. These groups and projects were all successfully completed.

   Coordinating overseas summer research activities is an important component for universities to cultivate internationalized talents and improve the level of internationalization. In order to increase the enthusiasm of students, the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange has cooperated with various colleges and departments to come up with effective measures to organize and manage the projects carefully, to ensure successful outcome. First is to establish a system for assessing scholarships and research projects for overseas students, and arranging experts to evaluate the projects and degree of financial support needed. The participating students will receive different levels of financial support according to their situation. Secondly, strictly enforce the responsibilities of the leading teachers for the project. Clearly define the working requirements and matters that need attention during their overseas study tours. Next is to emphasize the importance of manage learning and personal safety for the selected students, along with special pre-trip educations. Lastly, clarify the tasks and obligations of the study. Students participating in the study project will submit relevant study reports, and share their experience with their classmates through ways such as conference or seminars. (Article/Office of International Cooperation and Exchange)

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