“Professors & Students abroad” of JUFE welcome the 70th birthday of New China


During the process of building a community with a Shared Future, International Cooperation and Exchanges shoulder the mission of strengthening the foundation and building the bridge. Over the years, our school has actively adapted to the trend of international development, always adhered to the educational goal and combine it with that of the outside world, seriously explored our university’s ultimate goal of becoming "internationally well known". In order to reach the educational goal of cultivating socialist builders and successors, we need to build a long-term mechanism of strengthening moral education, cultivate a large number of self-motivated talents with strong era mission, who has aspired to take root in China, devoted themselves to the country, and faced the world.

    The students and staff of JUFE that are abroad, will be more deeply affected by the brilliant achievements of China in the past 70 years of reform. New China is a leader of the world’s economy and global governance, and a defender of international security and a facilitator of civilized exchanges, it is increasingly approaches the center of the world stage. Students andprofessorsfromhome and abroad are extremely excited and proud of the amazing achievements of their homeland in the past 70 years. On this occasion, the 70th birthday of New China, they express their kind wishes and blessings.

Let us celebrate the birthday of China!Give praise to our blossoming homeland!

——Li Chunchang, Professor from College of Foreign languages currently @ University of Florida

Wish our motherland a thriving future and the happiness and well-being of our people!

——Pan Dan, Professor from College of Economics currently @ University of Florida

I may be in a foreign country; however my heart is with my homeland. On the birthday of China, I would like to express my greatest love to you:I wish you a happy birthday, may you flourish further!

——Yu Huan, Professor from College of Foreign languages currently@Saint-Petersburg State University

I wish our motherland a brighter sky, clearer water, more prosperous economy and happier people. I am proud of China!

——Qi Yawei, Professor from College of Information Management currently @ University of Windsor, Canada

I wish the great motherland prosperity and strength, and I wish the people happiness and well-being.

——Jiang Hanming, Professor from College of International Trade currently @ Kobe University, Japan

Seventy years of great transformation and brilliance. As a front-line professional working in international organizations, even though I am overseas, I am still proud and honored by the development and progress made by our great homeland. Wish China a great prosperity, and the well-being of all ethnic groups within!

——Yin Chenhao, student from International Academy currently @ The United Nations Development Programme

We miss our homeland more when we are overseas. The word “patriotism” did not mean much to me while I was young. Now that I am overseas, patriotism has become a strong, burning, and unstoppable feeling. Britain may be wonderful, but I still love my beautiful home country more. China is strong and stunning; it has given me the courage and security to embrace the world. I love you, China! Allow me to wish you a Happy 70th Birthday from thousand miles away.

——Wu Xizhou, student from College of Finance, Taxation and Public Administration currently @ University of Strathclyde, UK

China has forged today's glory, after seventy years of settling. It has brought us prosperity, revolutions, harmony, stability, progress and development. I love our country; it is the source of our self-confidence. Under the leadership of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology, let us united, in a joint effort to achieve the dream of the great rejuvenation in this new era.

——Lai LiChun, student from College of Finance currently @ University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt amMain, Germany

Even in a foreign country, thousands of kilometers away from home, I can still feel the shade of our homeland, the presence of flexible WeChat, Alipay payment, “Made in China” products, and all sorts of delicious Chinese food. China has become so internationalized, its prosperity and success of China can be felt in every direction. Happy 70th birthday New China! May all your days be great as today! Love you forever!

——Wang Xi, student from College of Finance currently @ Massey University, NewZealand

While in a foreign land, the great rivers and mountains of China still appears in my dreams, 5000 years of brilliant culture has left a irreversible mark on me. Our dear country will soon turn 70. In the past 70 years, under the leadership of the great Chinese Communist Party, our homeland has been moving towards from the lack of adequate food and clothing,towards prosperity and well-offsociety,continuously creating miracles in the history of human development. China’s growth and success has created a strong backing for our students abroad. Because of it, the students abroad are proud that we are Chinese. On this70th anniversary day of new China, I wish my dear country more prosperity and national rejuvenation. I believe that she will always stand firmly in the worldstage.

——Li Yuqing, student from International College currently @ University of Southampton, UK

From the old fashion train to high-speed rail with 350 km/hr, from brick phone to smart phone; from the pursuit of technology to became the master of it. I have witnessed the transformation of this once a simple country. I am fortunate to be born in the 90s; it allowed me to be part of so many exciting and incredible changes. It gave more motivation to contribute something special to the world, the spirit of strive for better is overtaking me, it is proud to be called a Chinese. While studying abroad, I can notice the world around me is changing, I feel homesick, yet also proud and responsible. I hope that when I completed my studies, I will able to serve my country with best of my abilities and efforts, to repay the kindness to our homeland. On the 70th anniversary of new China, there aren’t enough words to express my feelings. I only hope that our great homeland and people continuous tothrive.

——He Shengen, student from International College currently @ University of Southampton, UK

    A strong country creates a healthy education, while healthy education also builds a stronger country. Despite the difficulties of the past 70 years, China's educational system has been successful and productive. “Professors & Students abroad” of JUFE are devoted to the China's education development. With strong purpose in mind, the internationalized talents trained by JUFE under the correct guidance, will surely build a solid foundation for socialist modernization with powerful positive values.(Article/Office of International Cooperation andExchange)

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