International seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education


The International Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education was held at our university in the afternoon of September 23rd. Seminar attendees are:the Vice-President of our university, DengHui; the Vice-Dean of  Leland Stanford Junior University, Paul Marca; and the former Vice-Dean of China Youth University of Political Studies, Professor Li Jiahua; the President of Beijing AOTESI International Education Investment Ltd., WangCheng; and the Director of Higher Education Department of Jiangxi Provincial Education Department, Xiao De zheng.

    Prior totheseminar, President Lu Fucai met with Mr.Paul Marca; Professor Li Jiahua and other guests. They had a pleasant and extensive exchange on the cooperation between the two universities. Lu Fucai expressed that he had been to the Stanford University. However, he has not had the chance to set up a formal cooperation and exchange with Stanford. He hopes this seminar can be an opportunity to form an innovation and entrepreneurship platform and carry out in-depth cooperation on innovation and entrepreneurship education. Paul Marca believed that our university is the best in Jiangxi, and Stanford will be willing to carry out a comprehensive cooperation on innovation and entrepreneurship education. He hoped that with the joint efforts of both sides, this cooperation would achieve fruitful results. When looking back in the future ten years from now, today would be a very special day.

    Later on, Mr. Paul Marca and Professor Li Jiahua together with other guests, visited the Space of Mass Entrepreneur of JUFE,and learned about its development. They had opportunities  to converse with the young entrepreneurs there.

    During the seminar, Deng Hui delivered a speech on the behalf of the university. He congratulated the convening of the seminar and hoped the seminar would strengthen the exchange of university internationalization. He also shared the uniqueness of innovative entrepreneurship education model of JUFE and the success of entrepreneurship education.

    Soon after that, Mr. Paul Marca and Professor Li Jiahua made a keynote speech. Focusing on "Stanford's road to innovation and entrepreneurship", Mr. Paul Marca shared the original design thinking model of the Stanford University and analyzed the success model——from dream to reality. Apart from the entrepreneurial spirit, it also requires the coordination and unity of technical feasibility, business value and humanistic value.

    Professor Li Jiahua, the former Vice-President of China Youth University of Political Studies, delivered a speech on "The Background, Characteristics and International Development Trend of Innovation and Entrepreneurship under the Chinese Environment". From the aspect of upgrading and integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, this paper explores the construction of the innovation and entrepreneurship education system in China, aiming to strength the internationalization and localization of  the education and promoting the social development through it. Wang Cheng, the President of Beijing AOTESI International Education Investment Ltd. delivered a speechon "Integration of International Innovation and Development - ACollege".

    The second stage of the conference was chaired by Liu Biwen, Dean of the College of Entrepreneurship Education. Representatives of entrepreneurship and the dean of the College of Entrepreneurship discussed the structure of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Universities. The participants shared the existing issues of the entrepreneurship education process, the direction of future development, ways to break through the traditional mindset and restriction obstacles under the current environment. It was proposed that weneed to further liberate our minds, form endogenous motive force, and take our own development paths according to the distinctiveness of each university. And the most important of all, make cultivating talents as a foothold.

    Seminar attendees include Anguang from the Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center of Jiangxi Education Department; Ms.Zou Shanglin, theVice-General Manager of Beijing AOTESI International Education Investment Ltd.; leaders and lecturers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education from associates universities in Jiangxi; leaders of Functional Departments of our university; colleges leaders in charge of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education;a nd faculty of Colleges of Entrepreneurship Education.The seminar also attracted a great number of students from JUFE and overseas.

    This seminar was co-sponsored by Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics; Entrepreneurship  Development Center of Stanford University; and Beijing AOTESI International Education Investment co.Ltd. The theme of this seminar is cultivating creative talents, and improving lectures’ abilities under the process of innovation and entrepreneurship education. This was the first time for our university to hold an international seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship education, which marks the continuous improvement of international exchange and development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in our university.(Written by Lu Shiyu, Xu Jie/shot by LiJun).

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