Prof Liu Jun ,the Vice President of SUNY Stonybrook,paid a visit to JUFE


In the morning of 15th April, the delegation led by Prof. Liu Jun from The State University of New York at Stonybrook arrived in JUFE. Dr Xiao Yonghui, the representative of StonyBrook and the international education consultant of JUFE, also visited JUFE. Prof Wang Qiao, the Party Secretary of JUFE, met with the guests and had an in-depth communication in the cooperation between two universities.


Firstly, Prof Wang Qiao expressed a warm welcome to the guests on behalf of JUFE. Then he briefly introduced the situation and achievements of international education of JUFE, the long-term cooperation between JUFE and SUNY Stonybrook, especially the position of the MBA Program that successfully co-organized for more than 20 years.


Dr Liu Jun introduced the strengths of SUNY StonyBrook in location, characteristics, curriculum and internship,he also introduced the cooperation projects with some Chinese universities. Dr Liu also expressed the cooperation wishes to JUFE in the self-funded students,  exchange students, and summer school.


After knowing that JUFE has a significant number of excellent students and many graduates choose to study abroad mainly to the U.S, Dr Liu expressed that some outstanding JUFE graduates could exempt from GRE/GMAT scores or CET-6 score can be admitted.


It is learned that the cooperation framework protocol between JUFE and SUNY StonyBrook. This visiting deepens the mutual understanding of two universities and fertilises the substantial progress. It can be expected that the path of JUFE students to study abroad could be significantly broadened and the international visibility of JUFE can be further improved.


[A brief introduction to StonyBrook]


The State University of New York at StonyBrook, an eminent public and research university in the U.S, enjoys a high academic reputation in the whole world. Whats more, she is also among the 62 members of Association of American UniversitiesAAU, and it possesses the nickname of Public Ivies.


Ranked 80 in the 2019 U.S. News Rankings and ranked 166 in the World University Rankings, Carnegie Foundation regard SUNY StonyBrook as one of the most distinguished research institutions. Johns Hopkins University also thinks highly of the research achievements made by SUNY Stonybrook. According to the JHUs ranking, SUNY StonyBrook ranks second in the list of National Public Universities that second only to UCB.



SUNY Stonybrook has an outstanding faculty with world-class scholars. Besides, many top-notch researchers gather in Stonybrook from a mass of research fields. For example, Chen-Ning Yang, the famous nuclear physicist and Nobel Laureate in Physics, had been teaching in StonyBrook for 37 years.  After founding in 1957, StonyBrook has cultivated many distinguished figures which include three Nobel Laureate and one Turing Award Winner. It is worth mentioning that John Milnor is a distinguished professor to have won the Fields Medal, Abel Prize and the Wolf Prize.


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