Second Council of Confucius Institute of Coventry University was Successfully Held


In the afternoon of December 3rd, the second Council of the Confucius Institute of Coventry University was successfully held in the conference room of Sichuan Standard DEAN Engineering Management limited company, located in Chengdu, China. Wang Xiaoping, vice president of JUFE, Xiao Long, director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of JUFE, Matthew Beedham, vice dean of school of humanities of Coventry university and executive vice dean of Confucius Institute of Coventry University, and Liu Youfa, co-director of Confucius Institute of Coventry University attended the meeting. Wang Xiaoping presided over the meeting.



Liu Youfa reported to the Council on his main work in 2018.1,New 26 courses opened with 216 registered students, some students were selected to participate in the 2018 Chinese Bridge Competition where they won excellent results, a series of competitions were held: the All-England Table Tennis Competition, the Program of Chinese Business Masters and the first Chinese proficiency test. 2, The system construction and the international cooperation of the Confucian Academy have been gradually improved. 3, Research outcomes and the developments of the key projects were introduced. 4, The prominent and specialized working areas were highlighted.


Dean Liu also reported his main work initiative after he took office 45 days.1, Established the collaboration mechanism between Confucius Institute and relevant departments of Coventry University.2, Established a channel of academic exchanges between Coventry University and JUFE, and the research institute of the Belt and Road.3, Opened the door of Chinese classroom for primary and secondary schools.4, Created the teaching archives system of Confucius Institute.5,Optimized the Chinese language teaching assessment system.6, Redesigned the cultural projects such as Chinese Summer Camp and Chinese Bridge.7, Prepared the exchange materials and others for the Confucius Institute Congress in 2018. Then he introduced his work arrangement in 2019: 1, Optimize the teaching curriculum and improve the teaching quality.2, Organize activities with characteristics of Chinese culture and the new eras elements.3, Further promote the integration of Coventry University and Confucius Institute.4, Improve the cooperation level between Coventry University and JUFE.


The Council satisfied the work done in the year of 2018 and carried out by President Liu Youfa since he took office, the council also put forward many constructive advices for 2019, and decided to adopt the draft budget for the project in 2019. Confucius Institutes is therefore expected to complete next years work tasks and set up a role model of Confucius Institutes with outstanding characteristics.


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