The Fourth International Culture Festival was Successfully Held


On the afternoon of November 24th, the fourth International Culture Festival was held at Jueqi Square in the North Jiaoqiao Campus. This International Cultural Festival was hosted by Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, co-organized by Propaganda Department, Youth League Committee and the International School. With the theme of Love Announcement to the Whole World, it was divided into two parts: stage performance and display of national customs. More than one thousand Chinese and foreign teachers and students were attracted to participate in this event.


At the opening ceremony which began at 2 pm, Vice President Wang Xiaoping attended the event and delivered a speech. Leaders from the Propaganda Department, Student Affair Department, Youth League Committee, Office of Teaching Affairs, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, the School of Business Administration, the School of Tourism and Management, the School of Economics, as well as the teachers in charge of internationalization in admission schools for foreign students, participated in this cultural festival.


In his speech, Vice President Wang Xiaoping mentioned that the International Culture Festival had become a brand activity of JUFE. As a platform for communication between teachers and students at home and abroad, students could feel the international atmosphere and deepen their understanding of Chinese and foreign cultures without going abroad. At the same time, he expressed sincere thanks to students from all over the world for their participation with their national costumes and all staffs for their hard work, and wished the fourth International Cultural Festival a great success.


Subsequently, representatives of foreign students from various countries came on stage to show off, unveiling the International Cultural Festival. Chinese and foreign students took turns in their wonderful singing and dancing shows: Mongolian dance Traditional and Modern showed the passion and heroism of their nation spirit; graceful Russian girls performed a From Russia with Love with beautiful voice and amazing dance; Kazakhstan students preformed traditional dances with skillful dance steps as well as changeable forms,with their national costumes forming a beautiful landscape. After the wonderful performance of JUFE Magic Club, students from Mongolia, Guinea, Pakistan and other countries stepped on the stage to show songs, dances and cultural exhibitions, which won a lot of applause. The program named Gan Po Ya Yun from JUFE Tea Art Club with Chinese students dressed in Han clothes and classic music, showed the audience the tea culture with a long history in China. The splendid performances of dances, songs and instrumental music in various countries ignited the scene atmosphere over and over.


Accompanied by the splendid programs, 19 exhibition booths were crowded with visitors. On both sides of Jueqi Square, there were 16 customs exhibition booths for foreign students from different countries and regions, as well as a traditional Chinese culture and art exhibition booth with Chinese characteristics, such as cuisines, handicrafts, Chinese costumes, tea art and so on. International students worn national costumes and patiently explained their local customs and traditional culture to teachers and students. The exquisite and unique costumes of various countries attracted many teachers and students to stay and take pictures. Foreign students showed their unique culture and customs through posters, costumes, ornaments, games, delicious food, dancing and other performances. Characteristic cuisines such as German Hot Wine, Ukrainian cabbage soup, Pakistani pie, Belgian chocolate and so on, spontaneously attracted many teachers and students to taste the world on the tip of the tongue. China's Han clothes, calligraphy, chess, national costumes and handicrafts from various countries, were displayed at the Jueqi Square, which attracted thousands of visitors to stay, appreciate, and participate in foreign cultural experience, as if they were in the World Showcase.


The International Culture Festival introduced cultures from all over the world to the campus to realize direct contact with students. Teachers and students at home and abroad experienced and learned the cultures of different countries in a relaxing and happy atmosphere, which helped enrich their after-school cultural life, and have a broader understanding as well as a deeper feeling of the cultures of different countries. 

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