Wang Qiao, Party Secretary of CPC JUFE Committee, Speeched at Anniversary of JUFE’s 95th Foundation


Paying tribute to the great era and the centurial JUFE


(9:30 am, October 28th, 2018, at the Great Hall of the North District of Jiaoqiao Campus)

Dear leaders, distinguished guests, former leaders, professors, alumni, teachers and students, good morning.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of JUFE’s resumption of operation in1978 and also the 90th anniversary of JUFE’s foundation in 1928.

The reason why our school chose today to celebrate the event is that we can stay true to JUFE’s original mission, look back to JUFE’s development course and open up a brighter future. As we are celebrating this joyful moment, we must not forget the people who have made contribution to the university. Here, on behalf of the teachers and students of JUFE, I would like to pay a great tribute to those who have worked diligently and dedicated themselves to JUFE, to the alumni who keep our school in mind and give great supports to our university and to all the teachers and students who have chosen our university and contribute their greet efforts to JUFE’s development.

For the past one hundred years, JUFE has pursued its dream with a determined mind and has always stayed true to its original mission.

Chinese people of these days are fortunate to witness their great nation has entered a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics after Chinese Communist Party’s nearly a century’s struggle for the well-being of the Chinese nation characteristics thanks to the nearly 100-year hard work of the Chinese Communist Party.

JUFErs of these days are also fortunate to witness that, JUFE has entered a new stage of high-quality development owing to countless efforts made my generations of JUFErs.

Looking back to China’s past one hundred years’ history, from the difficult start of the Chinese Communist Party to the founding of New China, from the difficult exploration of socialist construction to the spring of reform and opening-up. We can come up with a conclusion that the new era is not  gained by waiting by waiting or bestowing. It is gained by Those Chinese communities who persist in emancipating minds seeking truth from facts and leading the people of the whole nation to struggle for a better life.

Looking back to JUFE’s past one hundred years’ history, the university started as an incubator of economic talents the times turbulent China, transformed into a culturist of social constructers for building socialism and finally evolved into an educator of pioneers who soil through the wind and waves of opening-up and reform. JUFE’s fate has always been in line with the development of the CPC and the whole nation, JUFE has been relentlessly promoting the Party’s cause for education.

Entering a new era, JUFE’s role is to cultivate those “dream chasers” for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. With nearly a hundred years of spiritual inheritance which is deeply rooted in its veins, JUFE has more than forty years’ history of keeping pace with the times and carrying out solid social practice, and keeps pace with the time.

Forty years ago, the spring breeze of resuming the college entrance examination blew through China. Our university seized the opportunity to resume operation. As a result, the university regained its momentum and ushered into a new era of rapid development. Over the past 40 years, under the leadership of the party and the government, and with the enthusiastic supports from all walks of life, several generations of JUFE people have adhere to socialist education and stuck to the motto of “Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity and Perseverance” as well as the university spirit of “Dedication, Harmony and Striving for Perfection. Since its resumption of operation in 1978, JUFE has found its way to become a high-level financial university with distinct characteristics.

Looking back to the past 40 years ,we feel gratified that we have gained such fruitful results.

Over the past 40 years ,the results of JUFE’s talents cultivation have been remarkable .We adhere to the fundamental mission of strengthening moral education and continuously strength the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurial talents with the quality of “Fidelity ,Excellent ,Integrity and Perseverance “.We based on undergraduate education and further develop our postgraduate ,in order to comprehensively improve the quality of talents cultivation .Over the past 40 years ,JUFE has more cultivated talents of all kinds for the country ,most of which have become the backbone of their peers .A large number of students have become opinion leaders in business ,political and academic circles .  

Over the past 40 years, the level of teachers in JUFE has been greatly improved. We prioritize the building of a faculty with sufficient quantity, good quality and reasonable structure, and carry out the strategy of “improving the university through absorbing talents”, implement the “1155” plan, facilitate the “100 talents” project. There are 1336 full –time teachers in JUFE, including 270 senior professional technicians, 744 doctors, two “Changjiang Scholars” professors, two national-level outstanding teachers ,27 recipients of State Council Special Allowance, and more than 20 talents with other national titles.

Over the past 40 years, JUFE has developed a coordinated composition of disciplines. We pay close attention to the national strategic adjustment and social needs by constantly adjusting the composition of our disciplines, highlighting advantages disciplines and identifying the position and the orientation of disciplinary development, so as to improve the core competitiveness of JUFE’s disciplines. The university has grown from 4 undergraduate majors in 1978 to 7 Leveldisciplines offering in applied economics , theoretical economics , management science and engineering , business administration , statistics , law and Marxist theory . In addition , there are 39 Leveldisciplines with doctoral programs. 14 Leveldisciplines wit master’s degree programs and 5 post-doctoral research stations in JUFE, all of which achieve the goal of taking a giant leap forward in academic development national discipline evaluation ,two  disciplines of JUFE were awarded A Class ,accounting for half of Class A disciplines in Jiangxi Province .

Over the past 40 years, JUFE has gained fruitful academic results .We have given full play to the our strength in economic and management disciplines , and vigorously promoted science research ,thus maintained Jiangxi or among other financial and economic universities all over the country .Since JUFE and also Jiangxi Province’s first-time ever successful application for National Social Science Fund’s major projects in 2009there has been projects being conducted in JUFE .The number ranks first among all Jiangxi’s institutions of higher education .The quality and level of scientific research achievements obtained by JUFE’s faculty have been increasingly improved .Many researches have been affirmed and valued by national leaders and the main leaders of provincial Party committee and the provincial government .

Over the past 40 years, JUFE’s international cooperation has been growing rapidly and steadily. We insist on opening up to outside world and have established cooperation or conducted exchanges with 109 universities in United Kingdom and the United States and other 32 countries and regions. We joined international organizations such as the International Exchange Organization the United Nations Academic Impact Organization, the International Social Work Education Alliance, the International Business Alliance, and China-Russia Economic University Alliance. We have cooperated with the University of Dalarna in Sweden to conduct an undergraduate software engineering program , with the NEW York Institute of Technology an MBA program and set up a Confucius Institution in UK with the University of Coventry JUFE successfully passed the quality certification of studying in China by the Ministry of Education, and ranked top in terms of internationalization among higher education institution in Jiangxi Province three years in consecutive .

Over the past 40 years ,the facilities of JUFE have been increasingly improved .In 1978 ,there were only one office building ,one teaching building and two student dormitories ,with a total construction area of over 10000 square meters .JEFU’s hardware conditions at the time were very difficult .After 40 years of development ,the school has expanded to 4 campuses with a total construction area of over 1 million square meters . It is equipped with a library which is the largest, most advanced and multi-functional in Jiangxi province ,12 modern teaching buildings, a scientific research building with more than 30000 square meters ‘floor space, all kinds sports facilities covering 120000 square meters of space and student dormitories more than 100000 square meters of land. The four campuses are on their ways to become more intelligent with a higher forestation rate.

Over the past 40 years, JUFE’s social influence and reputation have been growing with each passing day. We have been awarded the first batch of "Top 50 National Employment Experiences and Colleges and Universities", the "National Employment Advanced Work Unit" commended by the State Council, the first batch of "Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform Model Universities" and Top 50 universities for National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Typical Experience" by the Ministry of Education. Statistics show that JUFE ranks 7th among all the universities of Finance and Economics nationwide, 5th in Chinese CFO University Ranking, 16th in Chinese Fortune-Made University Ranking, 47th in Chinese University Donation Ranking, 59th in University Students Business Competitiveness Ranking, 89th in Chinese Universities ‘Outstanding Alumni Ranking, 86th in National Graduates ‘Income Ranking, 30th in Alumni of Senior Management Positions within Companies.

The past 40 years has witnessed the vigorous development of higher education under the Party’s leadership. It has been 4 decades for JUFE to advance with the times thanks to the strong leadership by the Party.

Looking back to the past 40 years, we are both excited and clear-minded. The experience we acquire is so valuable.

We always bear in mind that moral education is the key of JUFE’s talent cultivation. The past 40 years’ history has repeatedly and profoundly told us that students are best endorsement of a university. It is because we have always attached importance to take students as the first priority that our students work diligently to purse their dreams and embrace the future. JUFE has also received acclaims from all sectors of society for this practice. Our alumni are the best representations of JUFE. At the New Era National Undergraduate Education Work Conference held in June this year, Minister of Education Chen Baosheng emphasized that talent cultivation is fundamental function of the university. We must regard the quality and effectiveness of talent cultivation as the fundamental criterion for evaluating all our work. On October 16th, JUFE took lead in holding the undergraduate education work conference in Jiangxi province, and officially released the “Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics First-class Undergraduate Education Institution (2018-2025)”. This best represents JUFE’s 40 years of adhering to its educational philosophy of “taking the virtues of the people as the core”.

We always bear in mind that gathering famous teachers is the key of JUFE’s talent cultivation. The famous educator Mr. Mei Yiqi once said: “Universities shall not only have the teaching building, but also the masters.” Teachers are the role models for their students. Through imitating their teachers’ research methods and spirits. Students gradually pick up their teachers’ attitudes towards knowledge. Thanks to the renowned scholars and experts such as President Luo Jingyuan, Professor Qiu Zongshun , Party Secretary Qi Quan, JUFE’s men of talent come out in succession from the past and in the future.

We always bear in mind that spiritual cultivation is the key of JUFE’s talent cultivation. The school motto of “Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity and Perseverance” and the university spirit of “Dedication, Harmony and Striving for Perfection” are the characteristics of JUFEers and embody JUFE’s culture. Over the long-term schooling practice, teachers and students in JUFE have also derived the qualities of “goodwill, dedication, hardworking, diligence, and kindness” among with “innate sense of urgency, unwillingness to lag behind, and a high degree of self-consciousness for the overall concept of the situation.” It is because of these qualities that JUFE can always perform well and always have a stand among China’s top financial and economic universities. These qualities are of JUFE’s features and are part of the foundation of JUFE.

We always bear in mind to prioritize discipline construction. Over the past 40 years , there has been several giant leaps forward for JUFE’s discipline construction, all of which greatly improved the level of JUFE’s overall academic strength. We deeply understand that the discipline construction should have a leading position in all aspects of JUFE’s work. Under the current atmosphere of building “double first rate” universities and disciplines, the level of discipline competitiveness is the best reflection of a university’s overall strength. JUFE prioritize the development of its featured disciplines in financial and managerial fields, encourage the development of those “highly needed” but “undersupplied” disciplines and support the development of inter-disciplines. those three strategies have become the basic experience for JUFE to improve its disciplines competitiveness.

We always bear in mind that the principle of JUFE’s education should be the satisfaction of people. The ultimate good of JUFE’s education rests at serving the development of the economy and society and making JUFE a university which satisfied the needs of people. Over the past 40 years, we have given full play to our talents and resource and played a unique role in serving the country and local economic and social development by taking the initiative to conduct researches and transform what we have researched into reality. In the process of serving people, we have gained all kinds of resources, opened our minds, broadened our horizons and formed a virtuous circle of mutual promotion between the university and society. When it comes to decision-making JUFE is the first thing that comes to the minds of the government officials. When it comes to public discussions, JUFE is always involved during the process.

Dear alumni, teachers, and students, we feel proud and gratified for this glorious time. Meanwhile, we also deeply feel the responsibility rested on our shoulders.

In 2013, since JUFE’s foundation, we envisioned the centurial JUFE and put forward the dream of building a “century-old prestigious university” based on the strategic goal of “building a high-level financial university with distinctive characteristics ” . “A century- old prestigious university”, as its name suggests, is a university with a long history, a good schooling performance, and high social reputation. “Century-old” indicates vitality, and “prestigious university” stands out as a symbol of JUFE’s strength and reputation.

Over the past five years we have carried out extensive discussions on the development goals of the university, which give the dream of “a century-old prestigious university” a lucid explanation, that is, “to build the school into a high-level financial and economic university with a solid foundation, distinctive characteristics, people’s satisfaction and international reputation”. The solid foundation shows JUFE’s vitality; the distinctive characteristics highlight the JUFE’s competitiveness; people’s satisfaction indicates the driving force behind JUFE’s schooling and international reputation reflects the influence of JUFE globally.

In 2023, the university will celebrate its 100th anniversary. For the Party and the country as a whole, the next five years will be the final stage of realizing the first centurial goal of building a well off society in an all-round way and the prelude of the second centurial of embarking socialist, modern powerful country. For JUFE , the next five years will be the time to realize a development mode which stresses quality and make breakthroughs in terms of building first-class disciplines and undergraduate education, thus reserving power for taking on new missions of higher financial education and cultirating dream chasers for the Great Revival.

Today, at this commemorative meeting, we, as contributors to the JUFE’s development, gather here to celebrate. With JUFE’s progressing into the future, the present teacher will become tomorrow’s professors and the present leaders will retire from their posts. However, we will always be the people who pay attention and make contribution to JUFE’s development regardless of change of our identities. There are reasons to believe, the goal of “a century-old prestigious university” along with the great China Dream of Great Revival will eventually be realized by generations of JUFErs among with generations of the people of the Chinese nation.

At this time of new era, the century-old JUFE will take on its due responsibilities and the people of JUFE will also shoulder their responsibilities as builders of the socialism with Chinese characteristics. Time will wait for no man and we should seize the day to struggle for the construction of our great nation and development of JUFE so that we will have no regrets when reviewing our work for facilitating China’s socialist cause and JUFE’s advancement into a better future.

Thanks again to all the JUFErs and all those who care about our university. Let us meet here at JUFE’s centurial anniversary five years later. We believe that JUFE, at that time, will be stronger, better and more prosperous!

Thank you! 

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