The First High-End Talent Academic Forum of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Was Held





          On October 27th, JUFE commemorated the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 40th anniversary of re-establishment (the 95th anniversary of the founding of the school). The first high-end talent academic forum was held.

Xu Zhong ,deputy director of the Organization Department of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and director of the Office of Talents of Provincial Party Committee, Liu Hansong, director of the Talents Department of Jiangxi Provincial Committee; Zhang Weiguo, chief accountant of the former CSRC and member of the International Accounting Standards Board, Ren Baoping, Changjiang scholar and leading talent of the national "Ten-thousand Talents Program", and Zhou Yingheng, leading talent of the national "Ten-thousand Talents Program" as well as other domestic and international experts attended the forum.

Wang Qiao, secretary of the communist party committee of JUFE, attended the forum and delivered a speech. Lu Fucai, deputy secretary of the communist party committee and president of JUFE, attended and made the talent policy report of JUFE. Jiang Jinfa, deputy secretary of the Communist Party Committee of JUFE, presided over the forum. Wang Xiaoping, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party Committee and vice president, Ouyang Kang, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party Committee of the school, Xu Jinan, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party Committee and director of the Organization Department, and Wang Jinhai, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party Committee and director of the department Propaganda, attended the forum. The directors of relevant functional departments, representatives of teachers and students attended the forum.

It’s reported that this forum aimed to bring together a group of outstanding scholars from different academic backgrounds and conduct academic discussions and cooperation on academic and hot issues. In addition to the above-mentioned participants, more than 50 people from the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other guests from home and abroad attended the forum. The theme of the forum was: Conflicts and Opportunities - The Construction of a Modern Economic System.

At the opening ceremony, Xu Zhong introduced the talent policy of Jiangxi Province, the implementation of the “Double Thousand Talents Plan” and the services for the innovative talents. He pointed out that the shortage of high-level talents was the bottleneck restricting the development of Jiangxi. The key to accelerating the development of Jiangxi was innovation, which depended on the talents. The sixteenth plenary session of the 14th session of Provincial Committee clearly pointed out that it was necessary to gather talents from all corners of the country and use talents without limitation; the rise of Jiangxi called for talents; the open Jiangxi attracted talents; the development of Jiangxi urgently need talents; the beautiful Jiangxi shaped talents. He also said that he wished the people who participated in this conference from home and abroad could choose Jiangxi, could rely on the quality disciplines of JUFE, and could exert their intelligence and wisdom to realize their personal dreams and to achieve a brilliant life.

Wang Qiao gave a welcome speech. He briefly introduced the history and the achievements of JUFE. He pointed out that since the school was founded, it had been adhering to the school motto of “Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity and Perseverance” and the university philosophy of “Dedication, Harmony and Striving for Perfection”. In the past 95 years since the founding of the school, especially in the 40 years of reform and opening up, the school had trained a large number of outstanding students, and had also gathered a large number of outstanding talents. Subsequently, Wang Qiao quoted Xi Jinping's speech at the opening ceremony of the Academician's Conference: "Only the talents are the key points in doing business”. He sincerely hoped that all experts, scholars, and all kinds of outstanding talents would visited JUFE more often, understanding the connotative development of JUFE, and visit Jiangxi more often, understanding the beautiful and harmonious Jiangxi. Finally, on behalf of the school, Wang Qiao cordially invited the experts, scholars and talents to join Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics to cooperate with the school, to grow and win together, and to write a new chapter of a century -old prestigious school, enhancing the construction of rich, beautiful, joyful and modernized Jiangxi Province.

Lu Fucai presented the talent policy report of JUFE. He said that "development is the first priority, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first driving force. Innovation and developments are inseparable from the support of talent”. In order to implement the Talents Strategy of Jiangxi Province and promote the education career to achieve the connotative high-quality development, in recent years, JUFE had continuously improved the leadership system for talents, improved the mechanism for talent development and training, launched a series of talent incentive policies and improved the system and cultural environment for the talents. He emphasized that the work policy of our school mainly included the following aspects: First, to strengthen the secondary management of talents in the school; second, to promote the implementation of the school's "100 talent support program"; third, to establish a scientific and rigorous evaluation mechanism and salary incentives mechanism. The fourth was to build a harmonious development environment; the fifth was to increase investment on the talent work.

At the following signing ceremony, the School of International Trade and Economics, the School of Economics, the School of Tourism and Urban Management, and the School of Law represented some of the teaching and research units of JUFE, signed the agreements with the proposed high-level talents. The experts, scholars, leaders and other participants attended the meeting witnessed this exciting moment together.

After the opening ceremony, the forum entered the second section, which was presided over by Vice President Wang Xiaoping. Prof. Fang Yuming of JUFE gave a report entitled “Artificial Intelligence Overview and Youth Talent Growth Experience Exchange”. Professor Zhang Weiguo presented a report entitled “Key Factors in the Formation of International Accounting Standards”. Professor Zhou Yingheng presented a report entitled “The Thoughts of Modern Economic Construction of Urban and Rural China structure”. The three experts' profound academic attainments, good professional style, and unique isights benefited the participants.

In addition, in the afternoon of October 27th and a whole day of October 28th, the School of Business Administration, the School of Finance, Taxation and Public Administration, the School of International Trade and Economics, the School of Economics, the School of Finance, the School of Statistics, and the School of Information Management opened sub-forums in order to conduct in-depth communication among the domestic and international talents with regard to the development of various professional disciplines, the construction of the talent team.

In recent years, by selecting talents in fair competition, cultivating talents in innovative practice, concentrating talents in career development, and caring for talents in work and life, the total number of the talents of JUFE had expanded significantly, the quality of talents had improved remarkably, the talent platform had continued to Increased, and the talent agglomeration effect initially appeared. JUFE would further actively implement the strategic deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on the work of talents, solidly promote the construction of “double first-class program”, actively innovate the system of talent development, and continue to promote the activity of “uniting people with noble morality, uniting people with career pursuit, and strive to attract,, use, and retain high-level talents, and build a team with innovation and vitality. 

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