40th Anniversary of the Restoring and 95th Anniversary of Founding of JUFE was grandly Held


On October 28th, the Commemoration Meeting of the 40th Anniversary of the Restoring and the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was grandly held in auditorium on Jiaoqiao Campus. The Old and new alumni from all walks of life, leaders and  alumnus from the brother colleges and more than 500 representatives of teachers and students gathered here to bless the birthday of JUFE. Wang Qiao, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, delivered a speech at the meeting, which was presided over by President Lu Fucai.

On the day, JUFE was bathed in the glorious autumn sunshine and the auditorium was full of friends from all over the world.  The Commemoration Meeting of the 40th Anniversary of the Restoring and the 95th Anniversary of the Founding officially began with singing the national anthem by all at 09:30 am. The scene of the meeting was broadcast live simultaneously.

"When there was a happy event in ancient times, it used to name things so as not to forget." On behalf of the students and staff of the whole school, Wang Qiao extended high respect to the elder generation of JUFE, who had once worked hard and devoted heart and soul, extended the greetings to the alumnus who always had their mother university in their hearts and sincerely thanked all the teachers and students who had chosen JUFE, fought for her and devoted themselves to her. He pointed out that the reason that the school chose this time to held the Commemoration Meeting was to remember the original mission, to pursue the past development process, to sum up the experience of running school, and to open doors to productive futures.

Wang Qiao reviewed the spiritual heritage of JUFE in the past hundred years, especially the vivid practice of reunifying school in the reform and opening up policy for 40 years. He said:“The past 40 years had witnessed the vigorous development of Higher Education under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It was also the 40 years that the school had always been striving ahead of the times under the strong leadership of the party. Looking back the past 40 years, we feel enriched and comforted by the fruitful achievements we have, and we feel inspired by the accumulated valuable experience in running school.

"To make JUFE extraordinary, we must bear in mind that the cultivation of students is the core "

"To make JUFE extraordinary,we must bear in mind that the gathering of the famous teachers is the key"

"To make JUFE extraordinary,we must bear in mind that spiritual conservation is the fundamental."

"To make JUFE extraordinary,we must bear in mind that the development of discipline is the leading."

"To make JUFE extraordinary,We must bear in mind that people's satisfaction is the tenet."

"With a hundred years of history and a hundred years of dream comes a hundred years of responsibility." Wang Qiao said that :“At the flourishing age, we feel extremely proud. We also know that our mission is glorious and our responsibility is heavy”. The dream of "century-old school" proposed in 2013 would be realized soon and the dreams of life would come true by the successive struggle of the generations of JUFE! At that time, JUFE will be more powerful, more beautiful, more solid, and more prosperous!”

On behalf of Renmin University of China, Wu Xiaoqiu, Vice President of Renmin University of China, warmly congratulated to JUFE on the meeting and expressed the deep gratitude for the education and training of the mother university. He hoped that everyone would make joint efforts to help JUFE and Renmin University of China rise together and make greater and more contributions to the future development of JUFE ,the prosperity of the motherland and the rise of China.

At the commemoration meeting, the school respectively presented a bouquet to the teachers' representatives, Hu Yuancheng, Zhang Rui, Wang Xiaoping, Lu Fucai, Chen Rong, Jiang Jinfa, Wan Changxuan, Lv Jianglin, Tan Guangxing, Liu Jian, Yao Linxiang, Tao Changqi, Jiang Yaoming, Luo Liangqing, Kuang Xiaoping, Hu Yuchen, Zhang Weidong, Fang Yuming, the Old Professors Tan Xunming, Tao Yongli, Jia Yongyan, Xiong Daxin, Xie Xinli, Le Zhongjian, Xu Guorong, the leader representatives Liao Jinqiu, Shi Zhongliang, Deng Mingrong, Xue Yanshuang, Hu Jianhua, Wang Jinhua, Wu Zhaoyun ,which paid tribute to these people who chose JUFE and dedicated to her through this way.

Zheng Yuewen, member of National CPPCC Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of the Board of Great Group Corporation, and representative of entrepreneurial Alumni, teacher representative Li Xiuxiang and student representative Wang Mengying also made a speech at the meeting.

Alumni Zheng Yuewen recalled the good times of studying in JUFE at the beginning of reform and opening up, and expressed his gratitude for the cultivation of his home university. He said that JUFE was the permanent home of the alumnus and it had become a comfort to all of them. “40 years have passed, but we can't bear to leave today. We will come back home often.” He finally stressed.

The video which expressed alumnus’ heartfelt wishes to JUFE including Li Xinhua, an outstanding alumnus, representing eight JUFE alumnus of his family, and Li Xianguan, an alumnus from Shangrao, Jiangxi, representing 15 JUFE alumnus of his family, was played . After that, the meeting also informed the alumnus’ donation by video. So far, the JUFE Education Development Foundation has received donations totaling nearly 100 million Yuan.

Li Xiuxiang said affectionately that in the turn of winter and summer, generations of self-reliant JUFERS realized the dreams in the heart by the sweat and perseverance, and strived to realize the dream of "A Century-old Prestigious School".

Wang Mengying,PhD student of Class 2018, representing 30, 000 students, paid tribute to JUFE alumnus, teachers and students. JUFE's spirit would guide her to serve others and society, and contribute the precious youth to the rejuvenation of China!

The school leaders, Jiang Jinfa, Liu Xiaoli, Yang Jianlin, Wang Xiaoping, Que Shandong, Ouyang Kang, Yuan Xiong attended the meeting. The students of JUFE recited "the Songs of JUFE" by performing poems. The commemoration meeting ended splendidly in the chorus of "Ode to the motherland".

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