JUFE participated in International Forum: “the Belt and Road” Enterprises entering into Africa


On October 12th, invited by Jiangxi International Economic and Cultural Exchange Center, 42 JUFE MIB masters  from 30 countries, Who were aided by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC, participated in an international development forum: the Belt and RoadJiangxi Enterprises entering into Africa, which is held in Nanchang city.  Zheng Yuewen, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, chairman of the Board of Directors of Creat Group, Yin Meigen, chairman of the CPC International Economic and Cultural Exchange, a member of the standing committee of Jiangxi Province, secretary of the Nanchang Municipal Committee, party secretary of  Ganjiang New Area Committee, three ambassadors from African countries, Jiangxis business people and officials, members from China-Africa Chamber of Commerce and over 300 higher education scholars gathered together to discuss the mutual benefits and cooperation between China and Africa.


The international forum was aimed to implement the outcomes the forum on China-Africa cooperation(FOCAC)-Beijing summit achieved, to integrate into “the Belt and Road” construction, to push and build a tighten community of common destiny between China and Africa. themed with  grouped Jiangxi Enterprises entering into Africa, the forum actively promoted Jiangxi's competitive industries to go outside , go inside , go upward” ,also the forum served as a  guidance for Jiangxis enterprises entering into Africa and upgrading their competitiveness when they invest in Africa. During the forum, our 42 masters took this opportunity to recommend their nations and their nations’ investment situation, they welcomed Jiangxis enterprises to invest and develop in their home countries. These students wished that they could bring Jiangxis enterprises into contact with Africa and promote the cooperative relationship between Jiangxi province and Africa in a wider and higher aspect to realize the mutual benefits and development.


JUFE, who are burdened to nurture officials from developing universities, was the only invited higher education institution to the forum. This  can show our advantage in fostering international talents and our social influence. Entrusted by  the School of International Economics and Trade of JUFE, whose vice dean, Huang Xianming,participated in the forum and exchanged ideas with these Jiangxis enterprises including International company, Zhongding Group, B-Energy Bus and other large-enterprises to discuss the potentials and risks in investing in Africa. All participated companies hoped to strengthen the cooperative relationship  with JUFE and further to invest in Africa with the advantage of JUFEs aiding program.


         It is reported that in recent years, following the trend of economic globalisation, Jiangxi has accelerated its  pace to go outside and enlarged its friends circle, now achieving a good result in international business and economics: Jiangxis enterprises have contractor projects in more than 70 countries and regions with a total turnover of 27billion USD; Roughly estimated, some of Jiangxis enterprises have invested about 6,000 kilometers Jiangxi Road, 150Jiangxi Bridges, 6Jiangxi Airports, 53Jiangxi Power Stations, 20 Jiangxi Damsand 50 Jiangxi Hospitalsand all built constructions cover 10 million square meters; Up to now, the number of trained government officials and professional technicians has reached 3000 from 124 countries. Africa has become Jiangxi's fifth largest trading partner, the sixth largest export market, the third largest import market, and the largest overseas market among Jiangxi enterprises who follows the policy of go outside.

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