Internationalization of Career Development Counseling Prospers


Recently, the theoretical lectures on the "Professional Career Development and Planning of College Students" in 109 classes of 2018 freshmen have been successfully concluded. Different from previous years, a group of special students appeared in this year's class. They are international students from all over the world, majoring in computer information and technology, tourism management, and international business. The course for international students was designed by the College Student Career Development Center, and is mainly lectured by Mrs. Li Guoyan from International School.


Our university has been offering the "Professional Career Development and Planning of College Students" course for freshmen for ten years. It is the first attempt to start a course for international students this year. We hope that through the study of this course and the promotion of follow-up activities, more and more international students studying in JUFE will be able to:scientifically formulate career plans; complete the role changes of their studying abroad in China from their own countries; become familiar with and adapt to the new environment; establish new interpersonal relationships; understand their professional directions and career goals that they have learned; formulate practical plans of studying abroad life, study and career development; implement specific steps; focus on their own life goals and career direction; purposefully, selectively and actively learn and accumulate knowledge and abilities.


During the class, Mrs. Li introduced the definition and process of career planning to international students. At the same time, she used the activities of Hollander Interest Island Game and professional business card designing to guide students to explore their professional interests and value. While guiding the students to explore themselves, Mrs. Li told the international students to explore the external workplace world, the specific content of jobs, working environment, development direction and required ability to determine their future career development direction. In order to make the course more effective, Mrs. Li instructed everyone to clearly define the four-year goal of studying in JUFE through the to-do-list. The students carefully thought over and wrote down the actions that should be taken in the four years to achieve the goals.


This course gave international students a preliminary understanding of the methods of career planning. The follow-up feedback results showed that international students believed this was a good course to better help them to know themselves and to choose their work. Some students thought that this course could make them think about their personal life better.


In May of this year, we conducted employment guidance teaching for senior foreign students. The PhD, master's and undergraduate international students from Pakistan, Nigeria, Armenia, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan, Ukraine, Botswana, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc. participated in. The effect of the course was well affirmed by international students. The Admissions and Employment Division and the College Students' Career Development Promotion Center have adopted a series of measures, such as opening up individual career counseling for international students in China, and encouraging domestic students to go to international organizations for internships to promote the internationalization of career development counseling.


We believe that in current world higher education, the development of career planning and employment guidance for international students are related to the path of success for international students and are reflecting the quality and efficiency of running a university directly. Therefore, it will have practical and long-term significance positively for promoting the internationalization of education in our school to study and explore the career planning and employment guidance of international students in the new situation, as well as to build a platform for international students for finding employment and entrepreneurship, so that they can achieve success and apply the knowledge they learn.


It is reported that the freshmen career planning courses of our school also include activities and events such as career experience week and career character interview contest. We will also invite international students to participate and experience the significance of career development with the freshmen of the same grade. 

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