A particular activity on fire safty knowledge training of the overseas students was held


In the afternoon on 29th September 2018, in order to o further strengthen the fire safety awareness of international students, improve their response and protection ability, fully popularizing fire-safety knowledge, and promote the publicity of campus fire safety, a special training event on publicizing fire-control knowledge was held, around 100 students and instructors attending, which was organized by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and the Security Department of JUFE.

In the course of training, the Fire safety specialist from the Security Department delivered a on-the-site lecture, which covered the fire safety hazards that were likely to cause fire accident; the correct use of electrical facilities and equipments; safe use of water and electricity; fire emergency management; identify whether the fire extinguishers were effective and correct to use them; fire emergency evacuation knowledge, etc.

Moreover, the safety specialist of the school security department demonstrated on site how to operate fire extinguishing equipments and fire hydrants, and invited overseas students to operate them in batches.

This course was highly practical, and the education was of great significance. The fire-fighting awareness of the freshmen had been further improved, and they had mastered the basic fire-fighting knowledge and fire-fighting skills. In the next step, JUFE will further strengthen the management of fire control safety work, strengthen the fire control safety system, strictly implement the safety responsibility, strengthen the investigation and deployment, and timely find and solve problems, so as to truly eliminate the safety hazards.

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