Overseas Students Experience the"Perception of China-Jiangxi Image"Event


The "Perception of China-Jiangxi Image" cultural experience event sponsored by the China Scholarship Council and undertaken by Nanchang University, was held in Nanchang and Jiujiang city From October 12th to 13th, . The event lasted for two days and was jointly attended by five provincial universities, namely, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Nanchang University, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang Hangkong University and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Nearly 100 outstanding foreign students from these universities across Nanchang and Jiujiang city, including 33 Chinese government scholarship students in our university, perceived the history and culture of China and felt the top technology of GanPo through the appreciation of culture and enterprise visits. In two days during the period of time, the overseas students visited the royal tombs of the Marquis of Haihun state of the Jiangxi Provincial Museum and the Memorial Museum of the Old Site of the New Fourth Military Force,inspected the Jiangfengyi Laboratory, visited the scenery of Aixi Lake and experienced the White Deer Cave Academy,personally felt the charm of Chinese long history and culture as well as the innovation and technology.


The Jiangxi provincial museum's exhibition of the archaeological achievements of the royal tombs of the Marquis of Haihun state combined with the latest achievements in the archaeological and cultural relics protection of the Haihun Hou. The museum also restored a model of a “Wang Hou an che”, which is an ancient vehicle for the nobility at the 1:1 scale in the exhibition hall. These 2000-year-old relics have attracted students who come to visit. "when I looked at the production, economic and cultural technologies and traditions of the ancient Jiangxi people, I was very surprised," Safdar, an overseas student, said. "I was really interested in the intelligence and enthusiasm of the people of Jiangxi more than 2000 years ago." The Memorial Museum of the Old Site of the New Fourth Military Force showed the students the traces of the life of the soldiers in Nanchang, a "city of heroes". As they visited, the students listened to the tour guide's impassioned narration of the revolutionary war, lamenting the hard military life of the Red Army and the difficulty of winning the war. Jiangfengyi Laboratory is the laboratory of the National Silicon-based LED Engineering and Technology Research Center. It is the experimental base of Jiangxi's intention to become China's LED Optics Valley. It is also the representative of China's LED lighting industry to have international competitiveness. International students are not only interested in this advanced technology,but also express their recognition and praise for China's scientific and technological development. With the cool autumn wind and warm sunshine, foreign students went to AiXi Lake Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery of early autumn. The last stop is Jiujiang Lushan White deer cave Academy ,which holds the post of one of the four ancient Chinese academies and an important cultural cradle of China from the late Song Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty. The academy was very  quiet and secluded ,with the magnificent architecture, rich cultural atmosphere, stone wall engraved with beautiful Chinese characters, the Chinese nation's simplicity and ideological atmosphere poured in.The students visited the Temple of Rites, the MingLun Hall and the White Deer Cave in turn, feeling the massive history and culture of China.


This event aims to cultivate foreign students' recognition of China's technological development and historical culture ,and to witness and experience the depth of Jiangxi's traditional culture and the rapid development of science and technology in modern society by themselves. The diversified activities brought different cultural experiences to overseas students, deepened their cognition and emotion towards Chinese culture, and promoted the exchange of foreign students among colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province. 

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