Graduation & Degree Conferment Ceremony 2018, 6354 Students Wearing Robes


    At the time of midsummer,with cicada peeping and kapok in full blossom,  2018 JUFE graduation & degree conferment ceremony was held on the morning of 28th June in ceremony hall. Invited by the host of the ceremony, Wang Qiao (Secretary of JUFE Party Committee) and Lu Fucai (President of JUFE), holding academic scepters in their hands, led tutors from all schools to the podium at the beginning of the ceremony. The ceremony marked the completion of studies for the students of Class 2014 and a new chapter for their lives by biding farewell to their Alma Mater and stepping into the society.

    The ceremony was presented by JUFE leaders including Wang Qiao, Lu Fucai, Jiang Jingfa, Liu Xiaoli, Yang Jianlin, Wang Xiaoping, Que Shandong, Ouyang Kang, Yuan Xiong and the President of Suzhou Heji Investment, Zhang Hej, who is also a member of graduates of Class 1984. The ceremony was also witnessed by the heads of the related functional departments, heads of all schools, tutors of all PhD. and post-graduate programs, representatives of Party, Youth League and teachers from all schools.

    As the prelude of the ceremony, music videos were played, featuring the theme of the commencement. The video was divided into three chapters, namely “Never Say Goodbye”, “Glorious Times” and “Hopes and Aspirations for the future”. A number of emotion-provoking artistic performances were carried out between each chapter, adding the majestic feelings to the ceremony itself.

    President Lu gave a speech titled “Strive for Happiness in A ‘New Era’”. In his speech, he said there was nothing else which could better represent a university than its students. Every splendid time required countless hard work and perseverance of the people living within. Lu hoped that the graduates should pursue for their ambitions with a determined mind, strive for happiness with the courage to shoulder burdens and seek for a better life with practical efforts. Finally, Lu wished graduates to aim high, fulfill their dreams and give their youth a full play in the process of realizing “Chinese Dream”.

    6354 graduates were deeply touched and inspired by Lu’s speech for receiving such a sincere blessing before embarking on the new voyages of their lives.

    Wang Qiao (Secretary of JUFE Party Committee) presented graduate diplomas to Ph.D graduate representatives.Lu Fucai (President of JUFE) presented graduate diplomas to master graduate representatives.

    Jiang Jinfa (Vice Secretary of JUFE Party Committee) presented graduate diplomas to graduate representatives.Liu Xiaoli (Vice President of JUFE) presented awards to outstanding Ph.D graduates.Yang Jianlin ( Secretary of JUFE Discipline Inspection Commission ) presented awards to outstanding master graduates.Wang Xiaopin (Vice President of JUFE) presented awards to outstanding international graduates.Que Shandong (Vice President of JUFE) presented awards to outstanding graduates.Ouyang Kang (Vice President of JUFE) presented awards to the writers of Top Ten Theses.Yuan Xiong (Vice President of JUFE) presented Alumni Souvenir Cards to gradate representatives.

    Zhao Jianan, graduate representative, gave a speech on behalf of all the graduates. She expressed her gratitude for all the teachers, reviewed her friendships with her fellow students and showed her regrets for not being able to stay at JUFE for a bit longer.

    Teacher representative, representative of National People's Congress, Head of the Center for Commerce and Environment Li Xiuxiang gave her blessings and wishes to all the graduates on behalf of all teachers. She hoped that all the graduates could do good to the society on daily basis and balance work and life in the days to come.

    Alumni representative Zhang Heqing gave a speech based on his personal growth and work experience, sharing his thoughts about life with the graduates. He hoped that the graduates should broaden their views so that they could have a holistic view about life and work.

    During the commencement, graduate representatives gave flowers to the teacher and student parent representatives. In the on-the-spot interview segment, Li Saixiang, mother of Hai Yizheng (an international student graduate from Malaysia), shared her excitement with others and expressed her gratitude towards JUFE. The wife of Xiong Yi (Ph.D graduate of School of Economics) shared her thinking and feelings at that moment.

    The graduation ceremony ended in a satisfactory way, followed by Master Degree Conferment Ceremony. This year’s graduation ceremony was broadcast live on JUFE official site, official weibo account and other online platforms, in order to enable students and student parents who cannot present at the ceremony to have their own unique memories of the event.

    It was been told that there were 5028 student received bachelor degrees, 519 Minoring bachelor's degrees,37 Ph.D degrees, 1289 master degrees in 2018.

    What this year’s graduates received are the new edition of graduation certificate which is designed by JUFE itself and combines JUFE’s Logo, name, motto, landmark sculpture and many other unique element of JUFE. Each part of the academic scepter has its meaning, symbolizing auspicious wills for JUFE and its students.

    Carrying with the hopes and blessings of JUFE, this year’s graduates will remain true to our original aspiration and have no hesitation to shoulder their due obligations,serving the society while remembering JUFE’s motto of “Fidelity, Excellence, Integrity and Perseverance” . Their new journeys have begun in this new era!

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