Experts of the Quality Certification of Overseas Education Visited JUFE


  From June 13th to 14th, a group of experts of the quality certification on studying-in-China education conducted on-site inspections on about the overseas education of JUFE. PresidentPrincipal Lu Fucai, Vice Presidents Wang Xiaoping and QueYan Shandong attended the inspection briefingmeetings of introduction and feedback meeting.

  The group of experts iswas led by Zhou Yan, Deputy Secretary General of China Education Association for International Exchange and headed by Gu Jianzheng, Dean of the College of International Education in Harbin Institute of Technology. Group members included Guo Fenglin,--the former president of the International Medical College in Tianjin Medical University, Han Weichun, --Dean of the International College of the University of International Business and Economics, as well as Pan Jiayi and Han Ying who came from China Education Association for International Exchange.

  In the inspection briefingintroduction meeting, Lu Fucai warmly welcomed the expert group and expressed his gratitude for their arrival. He briefly introduced the development history of development, subject building and educationalinternationalization of higher educationabout of JUFE. Lu Fucai also said that as education for overseas studentsinternational students studying in China playsed an important role in the educational internationalization of higher education, it is wthena great symbol to measure the education quality of a universitystudents’ education and talents’ cultivation as well as a key element to show the degree of internationalization ofin a university. The on-site inspection conducted that would be done by the expert group iswould be not only a great encouragement and spur to the international education in JUFE, but also it would provides us with a precious opportunity and platform to learn the advanced experience from offraternal universities, find our shortcomings, and accelerate the development of JUFE's overseas education for foreign students studying in China. Lu sincerely hoped that during the assessment, experts could conduct in-depth inspections and provide more valuable opinions as well as suggestions to help our university furtherlyfind problems, identify gaps, and improve the quality of theoverseas education. Therefore, we could also regard this experience as an opportunity to improve our work of international education and make the level of theeducational internationalization level in JUFE reach a new stage.

  Vice president Wang Xiaoping gave a comprehensive introduction about the work of overseaseducation for overseas students and self-evaluation related to quality certification done by JUFEto the expert group. Wang Xiaoping pointed out problems as well as countermeasures in the work and cleared direction for future work. He mentioned that the guiding ideology was to expand the amount, adjust the structure, catch the key points and improve the overall level. The education of the international students had to cover four aspects: exerting the discipline and professional advantages of JUFE;, building brand majors for overseas students studying in China; settingbuild an internationalized team of teaching to improve the educational quality of international students; establishing and improvinge the management and service mechanism for international students; as well as improving the management and service level for international students; organizinge and carrying out multi-cultural communication activities to strengthen international atmosphere in campus--especially in the teaching and practice of foreign students, it would be necessary to build a three-dimensional, all-round talent training model that not only focuses on cultivating the professional qualities and abilities of international students, but also pays more attention to cultivating the Chinese moods forof them.

  Zhou Yan, on behalf of China Education Association for International Exchange, thanked all staff and teachers in JUFE who supported the work of quality certification. She introduced the background and progress of the quality certification work for overseas students studying in China and pointedfigured out that the aim of their group was to identify features, summarize the sum upexperience, and promote the connotative development connotationand characteristic sconstruction of work done by universities in China through the thoseon-site inspections. Gu Jianzhen pointed out that the on-site inspection was conducted to investigate the specific positioning and personnel deployment of the education for overseas students under the “double first-classtwo-class” construction. He also hoped that the on-site inspections could help the university to raise awareness, unify ideas, find gaps, and supplement short boards so as to that it wouldachievehave sustainable developments of aboutoverseas education in China.

  During the one-and-a-half-day inspection, the expert group reviewed the enrollment, teaching and management files of JUFE's overseas education work and visited the Graphic and Information Building, the Economic Management and Entrepreneurship Simulation Experimental Teaching Center, Tea Art Space in the College of Tourism and Urban Management, and Ooverseas Sstudent Aapartments etc. They also organized interviews with supervisors, managers, teacher representatives, and representatives of overseas students who had come to study in China and experienced on-site lectures.

  On the 14th of June, the expert group gave feedback on JUFE‘s education of overseas students studying in Chinathe on-site inspections. The feedback Theypointed out that JEFE regards education for overseas students as an important part of the internationalization projects, giving it due attention and also the universityplaying a positive role in the country’s high-end foreign aid work. JUFE attaches great importance to the construction of foreign teachers as well as the quality of talents’ cultivation and the international students’ management team is enthusiastic, dedicated, brilliant, and so creative toinnovativeinnovate. International students have a high level of daily management services and a sound management systemDaily management of international students is wonderful, and management system here is relatively sound. International students’  have a high level of satisfaction with university teaching, students’management and services is relatively high and tThey have a strong sense of belonging. Meanwhile, cross-cultural exchange activities are seem to berich and colorful in JUFE, which effectively promotes the integration of Chinese and foreign students.; Tthe university actively promotes the construction of the English curriculum system, which promotes active interactions between teachers and students and good teaching results have really good active interactions. Last but not least, the university’s excellent hardware facilities have really laid a solid foundation for the further expansion of overseas students education aboutstudying in China. ABut at the same time, experts also suggested that the university should attach great importance topay high attention and havedo in-depth reflections on the following three aspects: Ffirstly, we should to further strengthen the top-level design for overseas studying-in-China education in China, pay attention to the implementation of a first-hand “one-mind”project,  --form a work situation where the university and the college work together,. In addition, to respond to the national “one belt, one road” strategyBelt and Road Initiative, combineing with the construction work of double first-class“two-class” universities to, dig deep into the characteristics and advantages of JUFE, integrate various resources, and finally strive to improve the strength of the JUFE's studying-in-China education for overseas students and overseas influence. Secondly, , we should establish a centralized management institution concerning overseas studying-in-China education in China as soon as possible, such as an International Education Institute or an International Exchange Academy. It will help strengthen functions of the overseas education and make all related staff better prepared, especially the full-time instructors of international students. Moreover, this institute could coordinate the university and some functional departments to continuously improve their teaching levels of management and service, which would provide a strong guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of overseas education in JUFE. Thirdly, it would be helpful to furtherlywe should further increase the university's investment in education for overseas students in China, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of full-time teachers and international student’s managers, . Also, to do more to further establish and improve training programs for students studying in China as well as standardize examinations, assessments, thesis, practical teaching, and employment etc. In other words, efforts are always needed to upgrade the quality of talents cultivation.

  Lu Fucai expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the expert group for their valuable opinions and suggestions. He said that all the experts conducted a comprehensive consultation on the overseas studying-in-Chinaeducation work of JUFE. Their comments and suggestions madewere at a high level and the positioning was so accurate. They not only recognized the achievements made by JUFE in international students studying in China, but also provided pertinentrelevant, highly-directive and operational suggestions for us to further improve the level of overseas education. This will surely play an important guiding role in helping would really guide JUFE to better implement the work policy of the Ministry of Education’s work policy of --“expanding the scale, optimizinge the structure, standardizing management and guaranteeing ensure quality” about for the education for foreign students in China and comprehensively improving the quality of talents cultivation. Based on the feedback from the expert group, JUFE would inherit good experiences, find gaps as well as deficiencies and coordinate various functional departments as well as related training units to raise awareness and unify ideas. On the one hand, it will firmly grasp the national Belt and Road Initiative strategy of “One Belt, and continue to make dothe construction of software and hardware for overseasstudying-in-China education in JUFE. On the other hand, it will closely integrate the development of double first-class“two-class” construction with the openly internationalization of education. Continuously increase Tthe international influence and competitiveness will continue to increase and the brand “Learn from JUFE” will be formed as soon as possible.try hard to make “Overseas Education in JUFE” grow to be a brand as soon as possible.

  The quality certification for overseas studying-in-China education in China is set to standardize the education for overseas students at a national level. It aims to strengthen the supervision of the education quality of overseas students and improve the quality of personnel training for overseas students through the comprehensive evaluation. In December 2017, JUFE officially joined the third batch of institutions of accreditation for studying abroadhich will receive quality certification on studying-in-China education and set up a leading group to study quality certification in overseas studying-in-China education in China. Implementation Plan for the Quality Certification of Overseas Education Studiesat Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was passed. Work mobilization has been carried out at all levels of the university. Meanwhile, the self-inspection, rectification and improvement have been fully carried out in accordance with the certification index system. Many coordination meetings and layout meetings were held and JUFE clearly defined the quality certification on overseas studying-in-Chinaeducation as an important task for the “13th Five-Year Plan” of JUFE and , as a significant task of the university’s comprehensive reform and as an opportunity and motivation for the further improving onthe quality of studying-in-China education for overseas students as well as the level of educating people. Through several times of training and task decomposition meetings, all the staff and teachers unified the thoughts, formed a consensus, and defined figured outresponsibilities. All related colleges and functional departments were fully involved. According to the timetable of the implementation plan, every single work has been proceeding edin an orderly manner. In the process of self-evaluation and self-construction, JUFE organized special inspections for foreign students' teaching documents, the construction of international students' training programs, the international exchange students’ records and the teaching level of courses in Chinese as well as English, and the implementation of international students' training and inspections for altitudes of teaching and studying etc. In response to the problems and weakness, we all peopleactively took measures to deal with them,  strictly implemented them, and finally improved them. Through the process of improvement for more than half a year, JUFE has effectively improved the objectives of overseas education, graduation requirements, curriculum system, faculty team, students’ management team, support conditions, quality assurance and students’ development. The goal of “promoting through evaluation, improving in an all-round way”The work of studying-in-China education has been truly reached through the work of overseas education in China. the goal of “promoting through evaluation, improving in an all-round way”.

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