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Enrollment Fee200 Yuan RMB (Exchange Students/ISET students Exclusive)
Tuition Fee
Living Costs

Accommodation Fee: 1000 Yuan RMB / Month / apartment in the Residence
Electricity Bill: 0.6 Yuan RMB KW/H
Insurance: about 600Yuan / Year
The following would be included in students’ account
1) Food: about 500 Yuan / Month
2) Textbooksabout 350 Yuan / academic year
3) Local Transportation: 1 or 2 Yuan ticket fairs for each time you take the public bus system
4) Fee for Medical care and Treatment: Principally students pay for their outpatient service. The insurance company will cover part of the treatments in hospital according to its regulations.

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics Add: No.169, East Shuanggang Road, Changbei, Nanchang, Jiangxi,
China Postal Code: 330013. Tel:0791-83816274/83816369