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Studying at JUFE

The Library
JUFE’s Main library is on the main campus, equipped with a variety of electronic facilities. It is the largest within Jiangxi province in terms of storage volume of books and magazines on Economics and Management, with its five sub-libraries spread over its four campuses, covering total building areas of 4 million square meters, with storage of total Chinese and English books and magazines of 3 million as well as 1.91 million electronic versions. It serves as an information center as well as the databank for the development of Jiangxi economy and education in particular.
The library provides our students and faculty with a quiet place for reading and studying, and a wide selection of newspaper and periodicals is offered. Our materials cover the areas taught by the different schools in JUFE. Our librarians also offer guidance and advice on how to get the information you need.
Sports Facilities
JUFE provides a variety of sports facilities for its students and faculty members. The total area for outdoor activities can reach 254,000 square meters, with 4 sport grounds for general purpose, 7 for football, 63 for basketball, 10 for volleyball and 28 for tennis as well as 1 swimming pool.
A new gymnasium has been built on the main campus with a total area of 44,000 m² for indoor activities, 104 table tennis courts, 1 swimming pool, 1 dancing room, 4 gymnastics rooms, 3 Chinese martial arts rooms, 3 fitness rooms, 3 roller-skating rooms, and 3 gymnastics rooms.
Dinning Hall
There are two large-sided student cafeterias available on each of the campuses. Students can enjoy a variety of Chinese cuisine at a cheap price. Offer more convenience for overseas students, there are public kitchens inside the Overseas Residence where the overseas students could cook by themselves.

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